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IntraBalance, Integrative Psychiatry & Sleep Specialist in San Francisco, California

Sleep for physicians, by a physician.

Hi! I'm Dr. Nishi, a Board Certified Integrative Psychiatrist and Sleep Doctor

Physicians only get about 2 hours of training in sleep medicine during medical school. But ALL of our patients have to sleep. That’s why I teach doctors how to help their patients sleep better…and help physicians improve their own sleep quality along the way. Grab my free sleep medicine course to get started.

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Sleep Medicine Pearls for Outpatient Docs

The 4-Step Process to help your patients sleep better…without reaching for your prescription pad

3-Steps To Optimize Sleep And Wake Up Refreshed...Without Medications

Holistic Sleep Guide

Whether you can’t sleep, wake up tired, or want to learn how to optimize your sleep for maximum productivity, this FREE guide will provide you with practical and effective tools to upgrade your sleep tonight.

Ready For A Great Night's Sleep? It All Started With Your Bedroom.

The Healthy Bedroom Checklist

In this guide, I’ve put together some of my favourite tips for creating the perfect bedroom. Rest, relax, and rejuvenate.

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Intrabalance is featured with Florida Panthers
Dr. Nishi Bhopal, board certified integrative psychiatrist and Harvard-trained sleep specialist

While studying Psychiatry, I saw how fundamental sleep is for mental wellbeing and peak performance, and I became even more fascinated by the mysteries of sleep science.

(Full disclosure – I barely made it to my morning classes on time in university and have been known to fall asleep in lectures once or twice…so studying sleep may have been a little self-serving on my part…)

During residency training, my stress levels skyrocketed. Doubt. Perfectionism. Anxiety. Exhaustion. Burnout was my constant companion.

My now husband introduced me to the power of kriya yoga (thank you hubby!) and a new world of exploration opened up. Stress began to melt away and I quickly realized that there was so much more to health and wellbeing than I was being taught in western medicine.

I’m a skeptic at heart. But from personal experience, I’ve seen that there is something to this holistic stuff.

Now, I’m passionate about that intersection and sharing the best tools from eastern and western medicine.

Simple, Practical Tools

You’re busy seeing patients and keeping up with the demands of a busy practice…so you need simple, practical, and effective tools to help your patients sleep well without relying on potentially dangerous meds that could make things worse in the long run.

I’ve got loads of ways to help you support your patients (and maybe even yourself and your loved ones!) optimize sleep, using an integrative approach that combines the best of modern sleep medicine with evidence-based holistic practices.

Ready? Start here.

Private Practice with Intrabalance

Sleep Better. Reduce Stress.

Private Practice

Pacific Integrative Psychiatry is a California-based private psychiatric practice. Dr. Nishi helps high performers sleep better, reduce stress, and find balance by uncovering the root causes of the symptoms that might be holding them back from achieving their full potential. We’re accepting new patients in California for one-on-one telemedicine consultations for Integrative Psychiatry, Sleep, and Functional Nutrition. We also offer clinical consultations for physicians and therapists.

Optimize Your Sleep Online Program from Intrabalance

Optimize Your Sleep

Online Program

If you’re not in California, or looking for a self-guided option for your patients, check out Dr. Nishi’s online Holistic Sleep Reset program. This is an easy and effective program that coaches people through the fundamentals of sleep science, CBT-i strategies, nutrition, mindfulness practices, and more. Get lifetime access to the program and go at your own pace! Eligible for up to 6 AMA PRA Category 1 CME credits.

Mind Practices from the Quiet Your Mind at Night Workbook by Intrabalance

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We help doctors fill the gaps in their sleep medicine knowledge by sharing quick, easy tips from sleep, psychiatry, and integrative medicine…so they can better serve their patients, improve their clinical competency, collect a few CMEs, and improve their own sleep along the way.

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Better sleep means better performance. Whether you can’t sleep, wake up tired, or want to learn how to optimize your sleep for maximum productivity, this FREE guide will provide you with practical and effective tools to upgrade your sleep tonight.