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IntraBalance, Integrative Psychiatry & Sleep Specialist in San Francisco, California

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Function at your best in work and in life and explore your full potential with our online courses.

Sleep Medicine Pearls

Free Mini-Course

Want to help your patients sleep better but could use some expert guidance? You’re not alone. Doctors only get an average of 2 hours of sleep medicine education. Grab this free course to learn what they didn’t teach you in residency.

Clinical Sleep Kit

Enhance Your Practice

The Clinical Sleep Kit provides actionable tools for your outpatient practice, blending the best of modern science and integrative medicine to enhance your clinical practice.

Melatonin Masterclass

Get Educated

The melatonin supplement business is booming but many patients don’t know how to use them properly. Learn how to use melatonin in your clinical practice to help your patients sleep better and reduce adverse effects.

From Light To Dark: Transform Your Sleep This Season
Roadmap for Better Sleep

Imagine waking up rested and refreshed, having the energy to focus on the things that are truly important to you (without staying up way past your bedtime), OR feeling confident that you’re not just a “bad sleeper”.

Free Mini-Course

Enhance Your Practice

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We help doctors fill the gaps in their sleep medicine knowledge by sharing quick, easy tips from sleep, psychiatry, and integrative medicine…so they can better serve their patients, improve their clinical competency, collect a few CMEs, and improve their own sleep along the way.

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Enhance your clinical sleep knowledge!

Doctors only get an average of 2 hours of sleep medicine education. Grab this free course to learn what they didn’t teach you in residency…so that you can know exactly what to do to help your patients with sleep disorders (and get free CME).

Free Masterclass

5 Sleep Supplements Every Doctor Needs To Know

Live classes will take place on: June 4, June 5, and June 12.