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Treating Insomnia Without Medications & Grounding Practices

What I Wish Every Woman Knew About Insomnia

Did you know that the most effective treatments for insomnia don’t involve medications? In this video, sleep psychologist Sarah Silverman PsyD, is sharing her tips for overcoming insomnia without medications, including grounding techniques, building sleep confidence, and identifying when to work with a sleep psychologist.

Women’s Sleep Health – Women & Sleep

When to See a Sleep Specialist

Did you know that women experience higher rates of insomnia and sleep issues? In this video, neurologist and sleep physician Raina Gupta MD, is sharing the importance of sleep health for women, how to recognize and treat sleep disorders in women, and clinical sleep tips for physicians and therapists.

Nightmares & Sleep – Trauma & Sleep

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

How do you help your patients experiencing nightmares, trauma, and sleep issues? In this video, clinical psychologist Lara Barbir PhD is sharing her link between nightmares and trauma, how to treat nightmares, and clinical sleep tips for physicians and therapists.

What I wish more doctors knew about sleep

What I wish more doctors knew about sleep

Most doctors only get 2 hours of sleep education in medical school, but all of our patients have to sleep! The problem with that is missed diagnoses and inappropriate treatments. In this video I’m sharing 5 things I wish more doctors knew about sleep medicine.

Sleep Doctor and Reproductive Psychiatrist Discuss Women’s Sleep

IntraBalance, Integrative Psychiatry & Sleep Specialist in San Francisco, California

Reproductive Psychiatry focuses on the care of women across the reproductive lifespan. Women’s sleep changes with hormonal fluctuations, but women are underserved when it comes to sleep research and clinical sleep medicine. In this video, psychiatrists, Drs. Anna Glezer and Nishi Bhopal, discuss women’s sleep health, how women’s sleep changes across the lifespan, and Dr. Glezer’s new reproductive psychiatry fellowship program.

Save Soil, Sleep & Mental Health

Save Soil

What is the relevance of the Save Soil Movement to Sleep & Mental Health? Why should physicians and therapists care about Save Soil? In this video, we’re talking all about the #savesoil movement and why it’s important to sleep and mental health.

Learn more about the Save Soil movement:

About Ashwin Varghese MD: “I developed an interest in mental health early in my academic career. Prior to attending medical school, I was a researcher in the field of Psycho-Neuro-Immunology where I explored the relationship between early life psychological trauma and the development of immunological disorders as well as psychopathology in later life (using animal models). Subsequently, I attended medical school and it seemed natural for me to train in Psychiatry after medical school. As early as graduate school (prior to attending medical school) I developed a personal practice of meditation to cope with the stresses of a demanding academic career. Currently my contemplative practices included classical yoga as well as its sister science, Ayurveda. I have a professional interest in Mindfulness. Within the past one year, we have published a study examining Mindfulness and Self-Compassion in people diagnosed with a psychotic disorder and a second study exploring mindfulness as a strategy to enhance resilience in mental health care professionals including Psychiatrists. Currently, I live and work in Melbourne, Australia.”

Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment

Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment

What are the symptoms of restless leg syndrome and what are the treatment options?

In this video, we’re talking all about restless leg syndrome symptoms, treatment, and what healthcare practitioners should know about restless leg syndrome.